So I’m really glad my followers decided to stick around while I was sick. I actually haven’t ben on here for about a month… scary. Anyway, I had viral meningitis. It gave me a really REALLY bad headache, some nerve damage (yay) and the inability to walk correctly due to extreme vertigo. While i am out of the hospital, i am still recovering. I still have double vision from the nerve damage, which really sucks. The vertigo is still pretty bad, but it is nothing compared to a few weeks ago. Also I can finally get around like i used to, but I have no depth perception. So, I’ve been running into a lot of stuff lately. It all sucks really bad. The doctor said the nerve damage will heal itself, and the vision problems will go away with it. I can only assume the nerves that were damaged were optic nerves, apparently. So, wish me luck. All in all, I feel a ton better, but i still have a long way to go before I am myself again. 

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